Working groups

The working groups are responsible for:

  • Providing technical support, advice, and proposing actions to the Steering Group in their scope and as per their objectives.
  • Monitoring and implementing approved actions.
  • Assessing the impact of implemented actions.
  • Reporting to the Steering Group on the activities of the Working Group.

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Working method

For every action from the adopted workplan, a Rapporteur is nominated from one of the members of the working group to lead the related work.

In its work, the Rapporteur is supported by a drafting group constituted by the secretariat, and other working group members and experts as required and based on their expression of interest.

Whenever required by its activities, the working group will liaise with other working groups, relevant experts from NRAs and beyond.

The actions recommended and implemented by the working groups should comply with the Good Regulatory Practices and Good Reliance Practices and aim to benefit all countries represented in SEARN.