Workplan and outputs

The work plans are adopted by the Assembly of the Members of SEARN. The latest 2023-2024 work plan was adopted during its meeting on 26-27 July 2023.

The outputs from the previous work plans can be accessed through the links in the below table.

Action pointLead WGNeedActions (2023-2024 work plan)Summary of the outputs from the previous work plans
12Capacity building to support Members in achieving their objectives of Maturity Level using the Global Benchmarking Tool and/or WLA statusPilot the development of a sustainable capacity building offer in the prioritised domains of competency in relation with the countries’ tailored goals. Map capacity building actions conducted by the Network.Strategy to support capacity building for SEARN members (July 2023)
2N/AExperience sharingActive participation in the WG
34Facilitate information SharingDefine the minimal information required for routine administrative information. Propose a format for sharing ad hoc urgent information between Members. Address any challenge arising from the implementation of the outputs of action point 3 of the 2022-2023 work plan.Strategy to facilitate information sharing, including establishing channels of communication and processes (July 2023)
44Pilot and develop the internal platformProvide feedback and recommendations on the deployment and development of the internal platform.N/A
52Facilitate relianceConverge on the minimum information required for each decision for reliance. Worksharing on identifying and mapping reference authorities and organisations for prioritised regulatory decisions for medicines and vaccines and where to find the information. Initiate work on reliance for market control and surveillance for medicines and vaccines.Strategy to facilitate reliance, especially in the region (July 2023)
62Ensure the sustainability of the network and the workplanAction point concluded during the 2022-2023 work plan.Strategy to review possible funding sources in order to ensure the sustainability of the network and support the workplan (July 2023)
71 2 3 4 5Share lessons from the COVID-19 experience in the regionAddress the gaps identified in this work through the action points already proposed in the 2023-2024 workplan including dedicated sessions in the relevant working group to share good practices with other countries, and complement the summary published on the SEARN website with this experienceDocument compiling and reviewing the COVID-19 experience of NRAs to improve regulatory preparedness (July 2023)
81Improve the use and access to reference standardsOrganisation of a regional workshop dedicated to building capacity on the optimal use of reference standards. Develop a regional mechanism to facilitate the evaluation of suppliers of reference standards. Develop a system to facilitate sharing and testing of samples between the SEARN NCLs Conduct a feasibility study on developing the production of secondary pharmaceutical reference standards. Strategy to improve access and use of reference standards (July 2023)
91Strengthen collaboration between National Control Laboratories to develop capacityDevelop and pilot a regional collaborative capacity development programme between NCLs, including capacity building for the supporting NCL and identification of funding mechanisms Develop and pilot a worksharing mechanism on establishing a list of reliable laboratoriesStrategy to Improve the Quality Management System of National Quality Control Laboratories (July 2023)
103Increasing the number of reportsAction point concluded during the 2022-2023 work plan.Strategy to stimulate reporting in the region, including technical solutions (July 2023)
113Support integration for vigilance Action point concluded during the 2022-2023 work plan.Strategy to support integration for vigilance (July 2023)
124Ensure preparedness against public health emergenciesDevelop guidelines to NRAs to facilitate the implementation of the strategy. Prepare a map of sources of information in times of public health Ensure the preparedness of the SEARN secretariatStrategy to support regulatory intelligence in times of public health emergency, including adequate considerations for resources (July 2023)
135Facilitate the assessment of gaps in medical devices regulation in the Member StatesAction point concluded during the 2022-2023 work plan.Review of the gaps in medical device regulation (July 2023)
141Ensure the integrity of excipientsImplement the strategy agreed during the 2022-2023 workplanStrategy to ensure the integrity of excipients (July 2023)
153Develop the capacity to assess risk management plansDraft a strategy to strengthen the capacity to assess risk management plans at the regional level
163Optimize the use of the vigilance reports collected Develop a regional mechanism to detect and review safety signals, including through collating and analysing reports from different countries
175Capacity building for medical devices, including IVDDraft a strategy to support capacity building to regulate medical devices, including IVDs
185Facilitate reliance for medical devices, including IVDsDraft a strategy to facilitate reliance for medical devices, including IVDs