Working Group 4 Information Sharing

The scope of this Working Group (WG) includes all medical products that are in the scope of SEARN.

Specific objective: to develop mechanisms for sharing information.

Please refer to Our Work for more information about the current work plan and past outcomes.


Member nameCountry
A.T.M. Golam Kibria Khan (Chair)Bangladesh
Nahin Al AlamBangladesh
Sangay ChodenBhutan
Dr. Santosh IndrakshaIndia
Mr. Sanjeev KumarIndia
Ms. Juliati DahlanIndonesia
Dwi Resmiyarti, S.Farm, AptIndonesia
Mr. Mohamed FazeenMaldives
Ms. S S ShobiaSri Lanka
Mr. Kritsada LimpananontThailand
Miss Thanyaporn PuengpipattrakulThailand
Teodoro Marcal de Jesus Timor-Leste
Octavio FernandesTimor-Leste
Fahridha Aurania Angkotasan, S.Farm, Apt.Indonesia
Rini Sugiyati, S.Farm, M.FarmIndonesia
Mr. Pramod KCNepal